20% of EVERY Purchase is Donated to Alternatives To Violence

My Empower Tees

I am a mother of 4 young men & a grandmother. I am a wife, an entrepreneur, & someone that is passionate about helping others rise up from the ashes of abuse. I am passionate about this because I have been there. I was sexually abused as a child by a trusted uncle, physically & emotionally abused by my father, & grew up to endure many years of all these abuses at the hands of my ex-husband. I drew the line when the abuse trickled down to my children. Leaving was just the first step to being my healing journey from these traumas.


While I am still healing, I am proud that I have reclaimed my power & self-worth. I have dedicated my life to supporting & helping others to do the same! We can do more than just survive; we can thrive after abuse. And this is why I began my businesses.


In 2016 I founded Ebb & Flow Healing, an energy healing & empowerment coaching practice. My mission is to help survivors reclaim their self-worth & utilize their inner strength to heal, move forward, & thrive in their lives! While I love my practice & am helping many, I wanted to do more. This is where Empower Tees comes in!


My friend, Mythica, introduced me to sigils. What I love about sigils is they are simple designs that can represent any word or phrase. So my t-shirts are empowering & uplifting words and phrases that you can wear whenever you need to be reminded of how strong, how amazing, and how powerful you are! What better way to remind yourself that you aren’t a survivor, but a thriver!


Here’s my favorite part about Empower Tees! I understand how hard it is to leave abusive situations & I know that there are many that don’t have the choice to leave & need to rely on organizations that specialize in rescue operations. These operations & non-profits require money & heavily rely on fundraising & donations from the public to continue making a huge impact for abuse survivors!

This is why I have decided that 20% of every sale will be donated to Alternatives to Violence. So while you receive your empowering symbol to wear anytime you need it, others will receive rescue from their abusers and/or traffickers! Talk about a win/win situation!